About Us

Lift was created by Katrina Wray and Eileen Melville because we wanted to help people make the most of their time at work, become better managers and leaders and create a business to be proud of.

We’ve developed our own way of consulting over the years – aware of current trends but avoiding fads, steering clear of jargon and over-complicated frameworks and never losing sight of our principles. We combine the best of behavioural science with practical business experience to deliver useful, effective development for organisations, leaders and teams.

We are happy to tackle complex issues – and can differentiate between complex and complicated. We like things to be simple – but never simplistic. It’s an approach that seems to work well at every level in an organisation, from Board to frontline.

  • katrina

    Katrina Wray

    Katrina is an experienced consultant with a knack for bringing clarity to complex situations.

    She has specialist Learning & Development experience and now works across a range of industry sectors in the UK, Europe, USA and the Far East on leadership development, organisational consultancy and change projects. Katrina has a BSc Hons in Psychology and is a member of the CIPD and the British Psychological Society. She is accredited in behavioural diagnostics using the Schroder framework.

  • eileen

    Eileen Melville

    Eileen is an inspirational consultant who is highly skilled at tuning into the needs of the group.

    She has worked widely across different industries – local & global – on leadership development, organisational consultancy & change projects. Her business background and facilitation expertise enables her to coach leaders & senior teams to work together so they make the right commercial decisions. Eileen has an M.A., BSc Hons in Psychology, is a qualified teacher and accredited in behavioural diagnostics using the Schroder framework.

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