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    THE GOAL : Agree Team Roles & Responsibilities

     The CEO of Packer Forbes, a highly-respected specialist healthcare consultancy, wanted to give more responsibility to her most valued and trusted senior account directors. Although they already knew and worked with each other, they had never worked together to reach joint decisions, so we facilitated a one-day session to help them explore professionally and personally what they wanted from their new roles.


    What the client said:

    Alexa Forbes, CEO Packer Forbes

    “We achieved more with Lift in one off-site day than I ever thought possible.  At relatively short notice, Lift managed to create an environment that allowed every individual team member to contribute freely and creatively in order to generate a focused plan that addressed both business and personal objectives of the senior team members. One day invested: the value to the business was immeasurable.”


    What we did:

    In just one session, the senior account directors accelerated their impact as a leadership team.  They walked away with a much clearer picture of who would be responsible for what, as well as creating a communication plan for for internal and external stakeholders. As they shared views, they realised that old processes were holding them back. This insight led to a shift from a hierarchical way of working, to something much more collaborative and engaging for all staff, to put the fun and meaning back into their work.


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