• Here’s who we’ve worked with:

    Barclays Capital
    Channel 5
    Coley Porter Bell
    Conde Nast
    Credit Suisse
    Deluxe Digital Cinema
    Digital Cinema Media
    DLA Piper
    Knight Frank
    Manchester City Football Club
    National Express
    New Media Publishing
    On Demand
    Ogilvy & Mather
    Packer Forbes
    Paramount (Comedy Channel)
    Save the Children
    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
    Southampton Football Club
    The Brand Union
    The Futures Company
    Thomson Financial
    Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
    Wessex Fertility

  • Here’s what our clients say about us:

    Gilly King, Head of HR, Manchester City Football Club

    “From building the foundations of development, leadership capability and the development of ‘City Spirit’, Lift have been with us all the way. The staff at Manchester City Football Club say ‘Thank you!’”

    Simon Rees, CEO, Digital Cinema Media

    “Lift’s approach to both personal and professional development has been instrumental in empowering individuals and teams across the company to better support and challenge each other”

    Suzanne Jackson, SVP, Human Resources, Planning & Design, MTV

    “Lift take a very flexible approach and do not stick to a set formula. Their skills and backgrounds are complementary and they have a sound understanding of the challenges facing businesses and organisations”

    Alexa Forbes, CEO, Packer Forbes

    “Lift managed to create an environment that allowed every individual team member to contribute freely and creatively in order to generate a focused plan that addressed both business and personal objectives of the senior team members. One day invested: the value to the business was immeasurable.”

    Mary Timlin, VP of Human Resources, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

    “SCEE is determined to remain in the forefront of a volatile and demanding industry… we need to ensure that internal processes for sourcing, development & management of talent are consistent across the Company. Lift helped us to identify a foundation of behaviours critical to high performance in our business”

    Peter Wright, MD, Deluxe Digital Cinema

    “Katrina and Eileen are not a ‘training’ company with a ready-made template. They get under the skin of the organisation, gain an understanding of the culture and goals THEN design a bespoke solution.  I see our relationship as a long term partnership and one that has been a pleasure for everyone at Deluxe.”


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