• Personal Leadership

    The most successful organisations involve and engage everyone in the business.

    We help frontline employees to develop their personal brand by becoming more aware of their own behaviour and their impact on others and accepting full responsibility for what they do. We call this ‘Personal Leadership’. People may not have man-management responsibility, but they do need to manage themselves – their own actions & decisions.

    We run workshops that help people become clearer about the attitudes and beliefs that help – and those that might hold them back. There is a far deeper and more lasting change when people decide to change their own behaviour.

    When you equip your employees with self-management skills, they become more confident. This increases self-motivation as they feel more in control of their day-to-day activities.  They are now more likely to act with initiative – which increases positive feedback. Stress levels drop and morale rises.


    “Personal Brand is a fantastic insight into how others view you in the workplace.  Inspiring.”

    Delegate, Channel 5

    “Has really helped me to be more confident, more assertive and believe in my own abilities”

    Delegate, MTV

    “This is about how to take control of your own future, not wait for something to happen”

    Delegate, Manchester City Football Club

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