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Leadership Development

It’s not what leaders know, or what they say, it’s what they do that really counts.

We help people develop essential leadership behaviours and practices to lead change throughout the organisation.  We do this using a four-dimensional model of leadership which helps leaders tackle the many challenges of the role – developing strategic direction, creating teamwork & innovation, leading & inspiring people and delivering results. Click here for Leadership Behaviours.

Our approach involves a combination of real-time behavioural feedback, skills development programmes and proven team-thinking processes. As well as the cognitive skills leaders need to solve complex problems, we also focus on social and emotional intelligence.

Authentic and inspirational leadership starts with self-awareness of the impact you have on others. Click here for 360 Feedback. We also generate insights into personal values, attitudes and personality traits which all affect how you lead. This helps you build a style of leadership that’s true to you and gets results.

“This has been a life-changing experience”

Senior Manager, Manchester City Football Club

Executive Teams

We help organisations lift their performance by working closely with their top team.

Research has shown that a senior team’s performance is not so much determined by the capability of the individuals, but by the ability of the individuals to combine their talents.

We work with executive teams to help them air issues, explore challenges and handle conflict successfully. Once they reach a shared view, they can agree strategies, priorities and actions – with full commitment from all, not just the vocal few.

We run Strategic Thinking sessions for more complex business issues, and also Proactive Problem-Solving sessions when you need specific or fast results. Group work can be supported by Executive Coaching and 360 behavioural feedback, which helps individuals see what’s working (style, behaviour) and what needs to change.

Often, working with the top team helps us work out what else needs to happen across the organisation. Perhaps that’s a talent management process to get the right people into the business, or a facilitation event to engage key teams across the business to deliver strategies successfully. Whatever it takes to see real change in performance.

Read more about building a new leadership team at DCM 

High Performing Teams

We can accelerate your team’s development.

It might be an existing team or one that’s newly-formed – but things aren’t happening as quickly and smoothly as you’d like.  When you need everyone in the team to participate fully and collaborate to get things done, a facilitated session can increase commitment and momentum.

Often people are so busy with the day-to-day activities they don’t have time to work on the essential ingredients of a truly effective team. We can help the team understand what‘s in place and what’s missing, whilst building the behaviours, working practices and disciplines that lead to effective teamworking.

Every team session is different and we design each one so that you get the best approach for your business needs.  We base all sessions on current business issues and end with a practical action plan which means everyone in the team knows how to meet those challenges head-on.

“How they took 10 individuals and made them into such a tight-knit group goes beyond comprehension.”

Sales Director, MTV

360° feedback

The best way to understand your impact at work is to get feedback from your colleagues, managers and team.

We’ve developed leadership questionnaires using Leadership Behaviours that are key to leading change and building high-performing teams.

These behaviours are flexible and can be developed.  (Yes, leadership can be learnt). A feedback session, supported by one of our skilled coaches, will show you how you can lift your leadership performance to get different results.  We also help you build and maximise your strengths as a leader.

We also have 360 feedback questionnaires on the Management Skills that are essential to getting the best performance from your team.

Working with our 360 partners, GetFeedback, we provide a full 360-degree feedback service.

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