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Galvanise the DCM leadership team

Changes in the industry and the switch to digital meant that DCM were ready to evolve into an innovative, dynamic company.   They came to us to help prepare everyone at DCM for the challenges ahead.


Simon Rees, CEO, DCM

“At DCM we have been on a journey of transformation that our people have been at the heart of. Working with Lift, we have undertaken tailored leadership training to encourage every member of our team to take responsibility for delivering success. Lift’s approach to both personal and professional development has been instrumental in empowering individuals and teams across the company to better support and challenge each other.”


We started by running a company-wide change workshop that involved the whole team in identifying the changes were needed to build for future success.  This built enthusiasm and momentum for the next stage of DCM’s journey, as well as generating new ideas how it could be achieved.

The change workshop was followed by development programmes for everyone across the company.  Our Leading Others programmes equipped DCM’s managers with the essential skills to lead teams, and Personal Leadership workshops helped individuals take initiative and have a bigger impact in their role.

We also helped build an effective new executive team.  DCM had a group of highly experienced and motivated individuals – some new to the organisation – and needed to quickly build a co-ordinated team approach to the emerging business opportunities.

We started with 360 feedback and coaching sessions for each individual to identify the working styles, qualities and expertise they brought to the team.

Then, using facilitation and group coaching on live business issues, we developed the team’s problem-solving disciplines and collaborative team-working.  Now they have a collective view of business priorities and a more effective method for planning for the future.

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