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Bring the company’s values to life.

A leading content marketing agency in South Africa, New Media Publishing were known in the industry for their outstanding culture.

They already had clear company values, called ‘The Purple Code’, and wanted to find a way to translate those values into everyday behaviours.


Bridget McCarney, CEO, New Media Publishing

“Over the last 10 years New Media has grown from 40 employees to over 250 and Lift has been with us on every step of this journey, helping us with leadership, management and team development.

It’s easy to have a strong company culture in a small company but to keep the same levels of engagement, passion and commitment becomes harder with every new person that joins the business.

As a business we knew we had something special and that our magic ingredient was our culture, however we needed to understand and define exactly what culture meant to us.

If we could understand it and the behaviours that create it we would be able to replicate and search for it in the employees we were looking to hire to drive our growth.

LIFT created a bespoke programme for us that shown incredible results, they are a true extension of our business and an essential part of the New Media family”

Using behavioural interviews with a cross-section of employees, we identified what the organisation’s stated values looked like in practice – the behaviours that people use to get outstanding results - based on what high performing employees already do.

The key was to describe these behaviours in a way that people could recognise and relate to.

Then we designed a 360 feedback questionnaire so that everyone in the company can give their colleagues feedback about how they use these behaviours.  We supported this with feedback workshops for everyone in the company – so that people had a chance to review and validate the questionnaire as well as practice the skills of giving feedback in a helpful and supportive way.


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