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Equip the organisation for future success

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), a highly successful player in the video games console market, wanted the organisation to be in the best shape for the future of a rapidly changing business environment. The President & CEO asked us to work, initially with the Executive team, then with managers across the company, to equip the organisation for future success.


Mary Timlin, Vice President, Human Resources, SCEE

“SCEE is determined to remain in the forefront of a volatile and demanding industry. To achieve that objective we need to ensure internal processes for sourcing, development and management of talent are consistent across the Company. Lift helped us to identify a foundation of behaviours critical to high performance in our business”


We took a four-step approach:

Define the future shape of the business

Assess what high performance looks like – now & future

Build a framework for high performance

Embed it into the way people are recruited, managed & rewarded

We started by working with the Executive Team to help them look at external trends, and plan the future shape of the organisation and talent requirements.

Then we assessed the behaviours that are critical to success, based on what the company’s high performing employees already do. We created ‘Game Changers’, a clear and simple framework that described what high performance looks like, whatever people’s role.  So whether they’re the CEO or a new starter, people can now identify what it takes to be game-changing and how to get there.

Next, we built these key behaviours into the company’s existing processes.  We designed the company’s performance review to make it clearer, simpler and linked to the Game Changers.  We created recruitment interview questions that would probe for examples and evidence of high performance behaviour. We also designed a bespoke ‘toolkit’ for employees and managers, including team & self questionnaires to review their own performance and guidelines for using the behaviours e.g. in a performance review, when giving feedback, delegating or recruiting.

We believe that any work we do is only successful when a client makes it their own.  To help this happen, our final step was to equip the internal Human Resources team to run short workshops introducing the behaviour framework and toolkit to managers across the company.  This handover was well-received and helped firmly position Game Changers as a SCEE-led approach.

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